Crystal Odyssey & Microvita

imagine your boat drifting in the winds 
towards the stars 
nothing is real 
everything is fantasy 
kaleidoscope skies with your head in the clouds 
there\'s a place of diamond fields 
lonely hearts standing there 
where are they coming from 

words are sea of green, gold and blue 
follow the man next door 
the sun will know 
all you need is everyone 

across the lane we live a life of ease 
return to the galaxy of souls 
where the crystal odyssey was written 
and colored with memories 


Like a figment of my imagination. 
Reality as lifestyle is too confining. 
Reality is a collective feeling. 
Doors to the other worlds. 
Doors to the other perception. 
Doors of fantasy. 
An infinite metamorphosis of a butterfly 
And life. 
Unrestless energy changes its form, 
In one moment body to spirit, 
In another thought to word. 
Word turns to act, 
Act turns to character. 
Materials’ metamorphose changes the colour 
And composition. 
It takes a new shape and charisma. 
It represents a thought of an immortal energy. 
Micro-life creating structure. 
Organized creativity particles. 


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