Frangibilis collection

Frail souls and thoughts lend us to something white and strong. Burned in the heat of flame and transformed into someone else. Dripping and casting and floating porcelain. Crushable womb, burning ember, fading into little lune - fissile and lacerable.

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Fading necklace - 2014 - Porcelain, Wood, Silver, Onyx

Corialias necklace - 2014 - Porcelain, glass, silver, granules, old plastic pearls

Little Lune  brooch - 2014 - Porcelain, Wood, Brass, Glas stone, Alpacca

Crushable brooch - 2014 - Porcelain, Wood, Brass, Tiger's eye

Womb brooch - 2014 - Porcelain, Silver, Opal, Aluminium, Lacquer

Fissile brooch - 2014 - Porcelain, Onyx, Alpacca, Wood, Granules


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