Colour stimulus

Brooch "Far purple" - Driftwood, amethyst, metal granules, steel, woodstain, lacquer
12 x 5,5 x 3 cm (price upon request)

Brooch "Spectral red" - Driftwood, alpacca, glass granules, steel, glass, coral, woodstain
 11 x 6 x 2,5 cm (Price upon request)
Necklace "Purple rain" - Driftwood, metal granules, goldchain, woodstain
 8,5 x 2 x 2 cm. 47 cm long (Price upon request)

Necklace "Viola" - Driftwood, Silver, metal granules, amethyst

 12 x 7 x 4 cm, 46 cm long (Price upon request)

Bright shining dark wood, sparkling minerals hidden inside. These colours stimulate our visual assessment. Between blue and purple there is violet, lying at the higher end of the visible spectrum. Between red and violet there is purple, usually more intense and bright than violet. Existing only as a combination of other colours, it has no wavelenght  Ultraviolet, behind the borders of visibility, is not visible to the human eye, only to a number of insects and birds. What is the shape of ultraviolet light?


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