New pieces in my Collections 2013 - Undknown Waters & Desiderium Ad Universum

Phialina Ring

Corralius Brooch

Phiala Ring

Cornelia Ring

Fryeria Rueppeli Necklace

Marina Morosa Necklace

White Electron Brooch

Ambradoris Violet Brooch

Hexabranchus Ambra Brooch
Delicate forms and mellow colors tempt our senses and create unique desserts.

I love to dive. Into the depth of the oceans, into the colours of nature, into the subconscious.

Natural metamorphosis enchantes me, like transformation of tree resin into a healing stone. A precious gold-coloured tear of God seeping from the inside of a nature organism. Encloses everything what’s on its way. Insects and worms haven’t found a way out. And amber has found a way into jewellery.
Inspired by my desire for nature, hidden connections come out in the sun. Wild scenes in the night of the universe – beauty of a discovery. Riding fast on the blue road, ardent movement of a shape . Red shadows follow us, crystalize and grow on a body. An orchestra of galaxies sending signals of colorful tones swinging over the seas, breach the water surface without splash. A taste explosion, fabulous naked miracle of surprise, the true colour of orgiastic blossom. Planet of drops, the horizon is a geyser.
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