Sea of Inspiration

Tree of Inspiration (1999)

Brooch "Silverfish" (2012) - Driftwood, pearls, silver paint, metal granules, silver, steel

I choose materials which I can "feel". That means nature materials with some kind of spirit, materials with a touch, colour or light. I build kind of bridges between the  materials, fit them into each other, make something special…
 Brooch "210 B.C.", 2012, Alginate, bronze, copal, iron paint

Cast of a warrior-miniature sculpture of the terracotta army in Xi'an (central China).
Copal is natural hardened, subfossil tree resin, which is usually aged between a few decades and a few thousand years.

History of bronze, sculpture like soldier, hide underwater.
Alginate is a material which is derived from seaweed. Mixed with water, it serves as a jelly-like mass for body forming. After loosing its moisture, looses the most of its weight. The lightness of this biological material has intrigued me. This was the moment for me to take it for my jewelry.


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