8together exhibition in Munich during SCHMUCK 2012

Two Jewelry collectives – Schmuckstelle and STOSSimHIMMEL, both placed in Vienna/Austria joined together for a special exhibition in Munich during SCHMUCK 2012.
Schmuckstelle – three young Jewelry Artists Claudia Steiner, Katharina Schmid and Katie Gruber are presenting unique pieces of Jewelry and small-scale series. Puristic, sculptural and playful forms on a high level. Inspired by nature and architecture, further refined on the bench.

STOSSimHIMMEL – association of five international Jewelry artists Caroline Ertl, Michelle Kraemer, Viktoria Münzker, Eva Tesarik and Birgit Wie. It was founded in 1996 and unites a Studio for contemporary Jewelry and a Gallery. Individuality, wide range of materials and unconventionality goes together with traditional Jewelry techniques, professionalism and reliability. Natural forms, skin-like surfaces, colourful precious pieces of Jewelry. Redefined beauty. 

Opening 15.03.2012
Galerie Gestalterbund, Holzstrasse 22, 80469 München
Till 18.03.2012 3 pm


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