Into the Unknown
If the material character dominates in jewelry, it is caught in the moment of fascination, even in extreme conditions, such as processing by  human. By focusing on the essentials and not to external conditions, we reach the blurred lines between  natural and artificial. These relationships a composition  of freedom.
The "Flatworms" have brought me an idea. I have never seen something like that, this fine, flaky body look like stripped layers of paint  that were so colorful that one could hardly believe it ....... They have taken it to my heart.
Far below the horizon, in the darkness of the ocean it lives unobserved by humans. Romp creatures of unknown nature. They lure us in mysterious ways and open up their habitat.
There live  many algae.
Alginate is a material which is derived from algae. Mixed with water, it serves as a jelly-like mass for body forming. As a purely biological material it is safe and environmentally friendly. Dried out it is very easy. This ease has intrigued me. This was the moment I made ​​ jewelry of it. I've carved, colored, or coated the imprint. These pieces include cement, pigments or sand. What are these objects? They are skeletons of marine organisms and the unknown nature. This is how I see the real, or even the unreal. These are three-dimensional pictures. And what could be, seems more real than what is. The game played by real and not real, takes place in jewelry and the wearer's body.


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