Showcase Exhibition "CHERRY ROMANCE" @ V&V Gallery Vienna

Exhibition Invitation April 2011
"Lime" Paradiso - Necklace, Silver, Alginate, Flock, Glass Stones
"CHERRY ROMANCE" is the title of my first showcase exhibition at the V&V gallery in Vienna/Austria. This Exhibition will show my jewellery pieces which I made about 3 years ago. This series handles importance of feelings, beauty, respect and relationship. The series "PARADISO" which will also be present is the colorful series I´ve made. Opening: 14.4.2011, 17:00

"Cherry Romance" Brooch, china, brass silver plated

I loved this chinese cup

I didn´t have it that long

I didn´t want it to drop, but as a cup it died

I got seduced by the beauty of the fragments

I wanted to avoid the evanescence

I wanted to provide rebirth for it

I enchanted it

It enchanted me

It is jewellery


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