Galerienrundgang am 14.10.2010 bei Stossimhimmel


Schmuck Wander

This dandy project came up as a crazy idea of me and my colleague Bety sitting in a coffee house and having little brainstorming:} Our notion was that many people can work in tandem on one piece of jewellery. The inspiration for the Schmuck Wander project was born from our experiences from creative symposiums but we shift it into new locations by invention of travelling jewells.

We started with fifteen pieces made by local jewellers who thereafter posted it to some friend from abroad. The next link in the chain is another creator, so the ultimate jewell is created by two, three or four jewell makers. Finally Schmuck Wander project joined 47 authors from 11 different countries.

The project was running unexpectedly. We missed few pieces bumming somewhere around the world before the termination, but we already have thirteen pieces back home. In these days just two pieces are lost but still wanted.

Jewells and objects which were created in cooperation of some number of are very interesting, but the point is that each one has its own story just as well as its own transit network. We succeed to join participants from many different countries in one astonishing mission. We hope all jewellery artist who joined our project had great fun with it and

Our expectations were filled by those who gave content to


Each one of 15 jewells has passport to memorize its journey and its creators. Likewise catalogue conception is inspired by passport ;)

So are recent wishes are that the project will continue in the future and that there are more enthusiastic artists who would like to participating in it.

Will grow up into the respectfully …

The presentation of Schmuck Wander project took place in the Gallery Medium Bratislava, Slovakia early in December 2009"

Mária Nepšinská, deviser and curator of Schmuck Wander project


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