I find my inspiration often in the nature. The nature has perfected her forms about annual milliards of the evolution; to imitate their creations, hence, is natural. To search loans from the nature, is in itself not new, but today we talk about “bionics” or “biomimetik”. As a scientific discipline the bionics (biomimetik) deals systematically with the technical execution and conversion of construction methods, processes and developing principles of biological systems. Also deals with interaction between living and non-living elements and systems. The transformation is about the symbiosis of these two systems. The transformation of animals in art ; pre-historical animals, totem animals or insects. These nature creations transform our human being. Our inner life and soul. I was inspired by natural stones and biological forms. I have transformed the form of living animals in jewellery pieces, by using natural stones (fluorite, topaz, aragonite and lapis lazuli), amber and pearl.


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