New Inferno II

Compared with the other arts, jewellery has one peculiarity: its final destination is the human body:
  • In the field of artistic research , in contrast to the usual perception of jewellery as decoration or fashion accessory. The human body plays a fundamental role as a source of inspiration of the creative process. It is made to participate in an aesthetic transformation, by using my own face-cosmetic masque, which I sew into a piece of jewelry. These works are born out of experimentation, and now they became an important role in my creative progress.
  • Making a piece of my artistic jewellery requires the awareness that I´m using my own thoughts and I also put them Into the pieces, so they can communicate with the rest of the world.
  • The material of the masque, becomes a dual sign. The creative universe of the person who wore it and of the person who has decided to wear it.


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